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The story of the forgotten sail


The forgotten sail…

Every sailor knows the struggle: a former sail lies forgotten and alone in a corner of a house or garage, never to be used again. Instead of getting rid of it, many nostalgically cling on to it because the sail posseses so much emotional value, reminding the sailor time and again of all the places it has visited and all the memories it helped creating. Still, there is only so much space in a sailor’s garage or depot and sadly, the sail has lost its use entirely.

Thanks to Canjotto Bags there finally is a satisfying solution for this everyday dilemma. Indeed, Canjotto bags offers sailors the opportunity to give their beloved sails a new life and a chance to travel the world once again. 

How does it work? 

With every sail you donate, Canjotto Bags promises you a bag made from a recycled sail in return as well as to invest in sail learning programs for young children.


Fill in the form below (subject: ‘donate sail’) and we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a pick-up moment. 

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